The Blog Begins…

It’s a rare and beautiful thing when you can look back on memorable moments in your life and many of them are moments shared with family, friends and clients. Clients have become friends. Friends are my family. They all blend to create a warm blanket around my life that protects, insulates and carries me each day. I would like this blog to be about human insight and exceptional stories – two things that help me to be an effective marketing professional regardless of the situation at hand.  My greatest passions are people, travel and discovery, and the business that empowers me and makes me whole – marketing and communications. In time, the dominant influence in my life will surface through my blogs. Until that happens, I want this blog to reflect my experiences, the amazing people I know from every corner of the world, my passions and the many moments when I have found truth in what people do in their everyday lives. My name is Laurie and this is the world that makes me possible. I hope you can relate, participate and enjoy!

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