Better Than Television…

Obamacare survives.  Sandusky’s crimes = state pension.  Holder in contempt.  My hometown going broke.

Do you remember Chicken Little screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” as he ran around the barnyard?  Today is one of those days when running indiscriminately around the barnyard screaming may explain things better than words.

Did I expect Obamacare to survive?  Honestly, no – not in its entirety.  Should Sandusky or his wife (who spent years living in the house where young boys screamed in the basement during Jerry’s “tickle monster” rampages, but knew and heard nothing) receive one pension penny from PA?  No.  In fact, I think they should have to reimburse the state for any salary paid since the moment he began his (documented) rampage on young boys.

Should Eric Holder be held in contempt?  I don’t care if you are black, white, red or purple.  Republican, democrat, libertarian or green.  Ruler of the world or peasant.  If you lie or withhold evidence in the course of an investigation – and it is an investigation that is warranted as defined by the law and to the benefit of the people – you should be slapped with contempt.  As a people, we have looked the other way too long and let our laws grow more loosely defined by those who are in a position to use the law to their advantage.  At the end of the day, all that will remain is our humanity and our dignity – and the law, when used to represent the greater good and establish boundaries that ensure both, is something we can generally rely on when all else fails.

Would I ever have predicted that Stockton, CA, could become the largest city in the U.S. to declare bankruptcy?  Sadly, yes.  Many years ago a brilliant futurist and author Ken Dychtwald (read Age Wave and his other amazing books) predicted the demographic trends that are playing economic havoc on countries, nations and cities like Stockton around the world.  In simplistic terms, we are living too damn long because we have become a race of greedy, unreasonable humans who want to live to see 100, do so in the best of health, and afford a wonderful lifestyle until the day we drop dead.

There’s not enough of us paying into a system that is trying to support a disproportionate aging population. There aren’t even enough jobs for the folks who could pay into the system – still would not be enough to support the surging cost of caring for a geriatric global community who require massive amounts of health care and resources, not to mention pensions and social security benefits.  Factor into this the folks who take from the system yet do not contribute in the form of taxes, and you have a formula that can only lead to disaster.  Today it starts with Stockton, CA.  Tomorrow the world.

I sort of wish it was only the sky that was falling.


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