Living in an “at-will” world.

Let’s face it…we are each and every one of us entirely expendable. For those of us lucky enough, we are born into the world and raised in an environment that teaches us we are special…we are unique in our individuality and all that we bring to the world. Early on, we simply are pure potential.

As we progress through the average lackluster education system, we are stripped of our unique qualities and aspirations, labeled by inept and outdated educators, exams and curriculum, and then made to be one of the mass-produced, under-innovative adults who graduates ready to face the world but is ill-equipped to do much more than stumble their way through early adulthood and sometimes their entire lives.

Then, as if we’re not upside down enough at that point, higher education comes along and spends several years trying to re-build the unique, wonderful and free-thinking qualities we were born with so that we can hopefully utilize more than 1/5th of our amazingly powerful human brain to think, scratch and climb our way out of the box we’ve been placed in all those many years ago. The goal of course is to live a life that hopefully includes a few achievements, some moderate successes, love and personal fulfillment, and (if we are really lucky) leaving the world a better place than how we found it.

We go through all this because we have to – well, most of us have to. But we go through all of this to find ourselves living in an “at-will” world which means that anyone can do anything to anybody else for any reason at all for the most part. “At-will” allows decision to be made devoid of emotion, ethics, rationale, empathy, sensibility (often times) or moral infusion. The notion of “at-will” defies the very fabric of what makes human potential possible: inter-dependency, loyalty, commitment, relationships and unending devotion to the growth and advancement of one another.

And so now we can easily apply the “at-will” philosophy to just about every aspect of our daily lives – from careers and marriage to business agreements, international relations and divorce. Everyone is “at-will” and we are all at the mercy of being dismissed/devalued/deconstructed/demoted for any reason that can fit within the boundaries of two little words that have changed the way the human race values one another. A proud moment in the history of humanity. As if the human race needed an “out” clause to undermine its potential and accountability any further. Score one for the other race…disgrace. Human race…0. Disgrace…1.


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